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Birdbath Accessories

A source of water will attract the widest variety of birds to your backyard, including those that won't visit your seed feeders. Wild birds find it hard to resist the sound of moving water. Add noise and movement to your bird bath with the water accessories below, and you've just created a magnet for more wild birds!

Misters attract a wide variety of birds and are particularly appealing to hummingbirds and warblers. Misters are most effective when set-up to wet the foliage of a nearby shrub or small tree. Birds can then leaf bathe by rubbing up against the wet foliage. Additionally, if this wet foliage is above a birdbath, the water dripping off the leaves creates appealing ripples. Misted leaves glisten in the sun attracting birds from great distances as they fly overhead!

Click here to learn which types of songbirds can be attracted to water!  Hummingbirds are especially fond of bathing on misted leaves!

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Picture of the Water Wiggler Accessory for Birdbaths
(Birdbath Not Included)


The Water Wiggler

This unique water accessory creates continuous ripples in water and HELPS PREVENT THE SPREAD OF WEST NILE VIRUS by eliminating stagnant water in birdbaths! The Water Wiggler's unique battery-powered agitator creates continuous ripples in water preventing mosquitos from laying eggs in your birdbath. Easy to install, operates on two D-cell batteries, just place it and go! No wiring or plumbing required! Operates 24 hours a day, is silent and comes with a 6-month manufacturer's warranty. Will operate on two D-cell batteries for up to two months of continuous use. Can also be used in the winter with a heated birdbath. The Water Wiggler is approximately 5" in diameter and 3" tall.


Backyard Nature Products
Ivy Leaf Birdbath Dripper

Picture of Ivy Birdbath Dripper
(Birdbath Not Included)


This beautiful ivy dripper provides a fresh supply of water to any birdbath. Adds noise and movement to any existing bird bath. Hanger is designed to attach to most birdbaths up to 2" in thickness. Provides the benefits of dripping water without taking up space in the bird bath itself. Connects easily to your outside faucet or hose.

Fully Assembled, complete kit includes instructions, brass tubing adapter for connecting to a faucet or garden hose, filter washer to keep debris out, brass needle valve controls drip rate, 50 feet of black 1/4" tubing, and Y-valve connector. You can use garden hose & dripper at same time.

Backyard Nature Products
Stainless Steel
Pedestal Dripper

Picture of Pedestal Ivy Birdbath Dripper
(Birdbath Not Included)


Step this metal stake into the ground and supply a fresh source of dripping water to your bird bath. Made of stainless steel for long lasting outdoor use, in ground 37" H. Includes standard dripper components.

The subtle "drip, drip" of a dripper is a visual magnet to any bird. When they see the ripples across the surface of your birdbath, they are drawn to it and stay awhile!

  • Includes a step-in stake
  • Attaches to your outdoor faucet-no power needed
  • Copper dripper with 50' of ¼" tubing & connectors
  • Includes all parts needed for installation

Just one drip per second, one pint of water per hour, turns your birdbath into an attractive gathering place for your feathered friends.

Picture of Backyard Nature Products Pebble Base Water Dripper

Backyard Nature Products
Pebble Base Water Dripper

The sound of moving or dripping water is magnetic to wild birds. Incorporates a natural looking and attractive pebble base. Can be used at ground level or with pedestal bird baths. Complete kit includes all instructions and all parts including 60 feet of 1/4" black tubing, brass faucet to tubing adapter, a "Y" valve so you can use your hose and the dripper from the same faucet, a PVC regulating valve, copper dripper tube and fitting with an attractive pebble base.


Picture of pebble base water dripper

Spectacular Robins, Bluebirds, Orioles & Warblers love water, but won't visit your seed feeders!

Easy Mister

Picture of Backyard Nature Products Pebble Base Water Dripper
ITEM #SE7019


The Easy Mister is super simple to set up. Just attach it to the end of any garden hose. No tubes to attach or run. Then place the Easy Mister anywhere you want it with the included S-hook. Sprays up to 12 inches.

Watch and enjoy your backyard as it becomes a community of Hummingbirds and other birds as they fly through and bath in the Mister. Easily attaches to any garden hose.

Leaf Mister

Picture of Backyard Nature Products Leaf Mister


The Leaf Mister does not have a base. It has a mister nozzle attached to flexible tubing. Run the tubing onto a branch and have the fine mist drop off of the leaves for the birds or to mist your flowering plants.

Our misters are simple, subtle and also come with our exclusive custom valve. Each mister gently sprays a fine mist over foliage, elevated above most predators and attracting the delightful antics of ummingbirds.

These flying sprites are normally hard to spot, but with our mister, you'll be amazed at just how many are attracted as they dart through the mist again and again, or rub up against the wet leaves to leaf bathe. Comes with 50' of ¼" tubing, regulating valve, faucet fitting and a Y valve so mist can be directed to desired spot. High quality plastic fittings. Hooks directly to your outdoor faucet-no electricity needed. Includes mister nozzle and all parts necessary for installation.

Many wild birds will take leaf baths in preference to bathing in a bird bath.

Picture of Backyard Nature Products Layered Rock Mister

Backyard Nature Products
Layered Rock Mister

Rock mister features an attractive and natural looking layered rock base. Can be used at ground level or in a bird bath. Creates a fine mist just like a gentle rain shower, including spectacular rainbows when the sun is at the correct angle!

Kit comes complete with all instructions and parts including 60 feet of 1/4" black tubing, brass faucet to tubing adapter, a "Y" valve so you can use your garden hose and the mister from the same faucet, brass needle valve, and mist nozzle assembly.

Picture of pebble base water dripper
Picture of Leaf Mister

Backyard Nature Products
Mister-Dripper Combo Accessory

Enjoy the advantages of both a mister and a dipper with our mister-dripper combo! Includes the pebble base water dripper and mister in one easy to use kit! Can be operated as a dripper, an adjustable flow mister, or as a mister and a dripper simultaneously.

Complete kit includes instructions, dripper tube, pebble base and fitting, mist nozzle assembly, garden hose to 1/4" tubing adapter, Y valve and 60 feet of 1/4" OD tubing, PVC regulating valve for adjusting drip or mist rate,and "T" connector for system expansion.

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Picture of Care Free Birdbath Protector
ITEM #CF95563C
4 Oz $8.97

Care Free Enzyme
Birdbath Protector

Picture of before and after with Care Free Birdbath Protector
WITH Birdbath Protector  WITHOUT

AT LAST! A non-toxic, all-natural alternative to keep your birdbath from getting "scummy"! This non-toxic, biodegradable, bacteria-free, food-grade enzyme solution is safe for birds, fish, plants and pets. Prevents stains, scum, mineral deposits and organic contaminates. Spend less time scrubbing your birdbath and more time enjoying it! All you do is add one capful weekly. Keeps your water clean, clear and natural looking. 4 fl. oz. bottle stands 5" tall by 1 1/2"wide. Bottle contains 22 treatments.


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