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Bird Bath Heaters and De-Icers

Heaters and de-icers to help you to maintain an ice free birdbath to attract more wild birds and keep them coming back even in winter's sub-zero temperatures!

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Bird Bath Heater/De-Icer 250 Watt

Heater/De-Icer for All Bird Baths



Keeps entire bird bath ice free all winter long. Energy efficient, does not overheat the water. Multiple thermostat control with durable aluminum base. Easy placement in a bird bath. 3 year warranty.

A low-profile, sturdy aluminum base incorporating multiple thermostats for efficient, accurate temperature control and a 10 foot cord with abrasion protector makes this unit ideal for keeping a bird bath ice-free all winter long. Large heating-surface area runs cooler than conventional de-icers.

Operates over a narrow heating range. 250 watts. 3 year warranty. Made in the USA.


Floating Tank De-Icer
1000 Watts

Floating Tank De-Icer 1000 Watts


Floating Tank De-Icer 1000 Watts. This de-icer is best suited to bodies of water between 70-100 gallons of water.

9" x 9" x 6"




Submersible De-Icer
250 Watts

Submergible De-icer


Submersible birdbath, bucket, and utility de-icer works in many different applications up to 25 gallons.

250 watt heater operates automatically.

8" x 7.5" x 2"


Bird Bath De-Icer
44 Watts

44W Bird Bath De-Icer


Economically priced low-watt shallow birdbath de-icer keeps water from freezing in winter in all but the coldest weather or deep snow. Affordable solution for shallow birdbaths or those on a budget. Just supply your own extension cord.

9.13" x 9.13" x 1"




Bird Bath De-Icer
150 Watts

150W Bird Bath De-Icer


Premium birdbath de-icer with industry best 3 year warranty works great in any size birdbath. 150 watt heater operates automatically to keep water from freezing down to -20 degrees F.

Thermostatically controlled to operate only in cold weather. Made of durable cast aluminum for safety and efficiency. Safe in all birdbaths.

8.25" x 5" x 1.25"


Ice Eliminator 50 Watt

50W Ice Eliminator



Thermostatically controlled to operate only in cold water. Maintains open water, even in sub-zero temperatures. 3 year warranty.

The unique design and low energy consumption aren't the only reasons Ice Eliminator has become a best seller. Let's just list a few more...Solid aluminum housing keeps the unit from falling out of the birdbath. Attractive rock-like design blends naturally with any birdbath. Spraypaint any color to match any birdbath. Will not calcify, rust or leave stains in birdbaths. Won't burn you or melt plastic birdbaths. Having only 50 watts, it saves money vs. most other brands.

Ice Eliminator 80 Watt

80W Ice Eliminator


Birds Choice 80 Watt bird bath heater and de-icer. Maintains open water, even in sub-zero temperatures.

Thermostatically controlled to operate only in cold weather. Energy efficient, 80 watt design. Made of durable cast aluminum, paintable to match any bird bath and safe to use in all bird baths. Will not calcify, rust or leave stains in birdbaths. Won't burn you or melt plastic birdbaths.

6.25" x 4" x 1.5"

Limited 3 year warranty to original consumer.

ClickShield Cord Lock
Weather Resistant

Weather Resistant Electrical Cord Cover  



The ClickShield Cord Lock is the fast and inexpensive way to weather-proof any power cord connection, while also eliminating irritating and dangerous disconnects. Perfect for birdbath heaters or heated birdbaths. Black.

This durable all-weather plastic shield has a unique ratchet mechanism; when you hear the 'click,' you know it's securely locked. The internal gasket assures a water-resistant electrical connection.

Actual product may vary due to availability.

5" x 2.5" x 2.5"

All Natural
Birdbath Protector

All Natural Birdbath Protector
ITEM #SE7030



Ensures naturally clear water. Safe for Birds, Pets, and Wildlife. Prevents Stains, Sludge, Mineral Deposits, and Organic Contamination. Non-Toxic all natural Enzymes.

BirdBath Protector is not a chemical and needs time to work. Extremely dirty birdbaths may take several weeks to clean. For best results, start with a clean bird bath.

Note: This product is SAFE. No restrictions for wildlife when used as directed. Non-toxic, Biodegradable, Bacteria Free, Food Grade Enzymes.

5" x 1.5" x 1.5"

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