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Picture of Chipmunk If you feed birds in your yard, chances are you will attract the very entertaining chipmunk. It's hard not to marvel at these frisky dynamos as they scurry about with their cheeks full of gathered nuts and seed. There are 21 species of chipmunk in North America, and they are among the most common and adored species of all backyard wildlife. Historical records show that chipmunks were well ingrained in American Indian Lore. The Chippewa Indians, called it "chetamon", from which "chitmunk", and finally "chipmunk" evolved. A Navajo taboo is: "Never kill a chipmunk, because it will lead you to food and water." The Latin name for the chipmunk, Tamias Striatus means "striped steward," one who stores and looks after provisions, referring to its habits of hoarding food. That habit, however, has made it popular in Russia, where "chipmunk nuts" fetch a higher price on the market than those gathered by people, for while to err is human, chipmunks never give house room to second-class nuts!

Attracting Chipmunks to your Garden

The chipmunk’s diet consists of nuts, seeds and berries. Chipmunks are mostly ground feeders, and will sometimes visit platform feeders filled with seed and nuts. You can offer any type of bird seed, bakery products or fruit and berries in these versatile feeders. We recommend our Critter Mix Seed Blend because it has a variety of seed products including cracked corn and sunflower seed, which chipmunks find attractive. Not only will you attract chipmunks, but other varieties of birds and wildlife will be attracted to this feeder as well. In the fall, gather fallen acorns and nuts, and place in your platform feeder for these feisty hoarders.

Water, as with all wildlife, should be an important part of your offerings. Chipmunks will feel right at home with a ground level water source, but can also climb to a pedestal birdbath.

Chipmunks are well suited to the American backyard, and feel right at home in fence rows, shrubby thickets, rock walls and woodpiles. Leaving an overgrown area in your yard is a good idea, or create your own chipmunk habitat by gathering old wood, rocks or tree branches and piling them up in an area.

  Picture of Woodlink Ground Platform Feeder

Woodlink Ground Platform Feeder

CHIPMUNKS LOVE OUR GROUND LEVEL FEEDER!! This special feeder is specifically designed to be placed on the ground for ground feeding chipmunks! This attractive cedar feeder has a removable, perforated metal bottom for easy cleaning and to assure proper drainage of your bird seed. You can offer any type of bird seed, bakery products or fruit in this versatile feeder. Not only will the small perching songbirds enjoy this feeder, but you will attract many ground feeding birds as well! Holds 4 quarts of seed. Dimensions: 13-1/4" x 16-1/2" x 3" high.


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