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Whole Peanuts, Squirrel Food & Wildlife Critter Mixes

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Picture of Whole Peanuts5 lb bag peanuts

25 lb box peanuts

Whole Raw Peanuts

We offer two convenient sizes of top quality, raw, unsalted whole peanuts. Squirrels and Jays love 'em! Check out our CUTE squirrel munch box - perfect for serving whole peanuts or squirrel food!


Seed Cakes


Instant Nectars


Picture of Squirrel and Critter Mix 10 Pound
Squirrel & Critter Mix

Kaytee Squirrel & Critter Mix

Our BEST SELLING Kaytee Squirrel & Critter Blend attracts many backyard visitors with a pleasant apple aroma. Designed to attract squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits. Contains Corn, Black Oil Oil Sunflower, Whole Peanuts, Striped Sunflower, & Artificial Flavors.


Sunflower Seed

Seed Blends

Waste Free Seed

Songbird Blend

Chickadees and
Nuthatch Blends


Wild Finch Mix

Picture of Squirrel Chuckanut Food
3 Pound Bag of Chuckanut

Chuckanut Food for Squirrels

Chuckanut premium squirrel diet is totally unique. Chuckanut contains pumpkin and squash seeds for a superior mix that squirrels and birds can't resist. Squirrels will actually eat Chuckanut at the feeder instead of carrying it away like other food. Let's you enjoy watching the squirrels eat! Perfect when served in our squirrel munch box or Chuckanut Feeder.

Picture of Chuckanut feeder and birds
Great for birds too! Offer Chuckanut in the Chuckanut Feeder

Picture of Seed Cake Feeder
Check out our Bushy Tail Cake Feeder!
Picture of Bushy Tail Cake
Bushy Tail
Seed Cake

Pine Tree Farms Bushy Tail Seed Cake

Your Squirrels will love to munch on this delightful mix of corn, almonds, peanuts, black oil sunflower seed, striped sunflower seed, and peanut butter! These yummy ingredients are held together with a gelatin base for convenience and less mess. Offer this seed cake in a special seed cake feeder or platform feeder. Cake is 2.5 pounds. 7 1/2"wide by 2 1/2"deep by 6 1/2"tall.


You have to see our unusual and entertaining corn feeders to torture your squirrels! Hey, make them work for it!

Picture of Dried Corn Cobs
6.5 Pound Bag of Corn Cobs

Dried Corn Cobs for the Squirrels!

Convenient 6.5 pound bag of corn cobs. Squirrels love them! Feed squirrels in their own feeding station with specially designed squirrel feeders.


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